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Perspectives on the interface of physics and biology

by Andre on 20 November 2014

Physical Biology has published a nice collection of perspective articles (and they’re freely available!) from scientists who have come to biology from various flavours of physics. They cover a range of topics and are written in a range of styles. I found the contributions from Bob Laughlin and Geoff West interesting. Bonnie Bassler and Ned Wingreen write about how biologists and physicists can work together. They both present their very different perspectives, which I thought worked really well in the article. It’s probably also the most practical of all the perspectives in actually giving some advice on how the two cultures can work together productively. Finally, Bob Austin’s contribution is good, but it’s really just a reprise of his earlier polemic in response to “Harness the Hubris”, which we’ve talked about before.

  1. Jeremy Moss    909 days ago    #

    Hiya, I just found your blog. I’m a physicist/astronomer but I’m studying for a Master’s degree and I have some papers in polymer physics. Your article on the WLC (from 2006) was great! I’ll check back in regularly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Andre    908 days ago    #

    Glad you like the blog. I would recommend you subscribe to the RSS feed ( ) if you’d like to keep up to date though, since as you can see new posts aren’t very frequent!

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