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At the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, Imperial College London

by Andre on 22 June 2014

I’ve spent the last few years doing my best to switch fields from single molecule biophysics to single animal biophysics. It’s been a challenge and a lot of fun. What’s especially exciting is that I’ve found myself in what I think is an interesting niche with growing interest. You might call it physics of behaviour, quantitative phenotyping, or perhaps just measuring behaviour.

I haven’t been blogging, but I’ve published what I think are some cool papers on an unsupervised method for detecting behavioural motifs and using direct feature extraction to identify subtle phenotypes in a large database of worm behaviour. There was also a brief and very stimulating foray into modelling flu evolution.

The most significant change is that I’ve started my own group at the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre at Imperial College London. I’m finally getting around to setting up the group’s website, which should soon appear at and that was actually the impetus for this post. I just couldn’t bring myself to remove the link to Biocurious and I couldn’t bear the thought of a link to a blog that hasn’t been active in four years.

To any readers who never deleted us from their RSS feeds, thank you! I’ll see what I can do about posting a bit of quantitative biology and behavioural goodness.

  1. Erana    807 days ago    #

    I was wondering if there is any kind of public sience group in London?

  2. Andre    784 days ago    #

    Hi Erana,

    I’m sure there must be, but I don’t know of one myself. Maybe through the Science Museum?

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