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Does the D stand for debt?

by PhilipJ on 11 February 2010

Hooray! Jorge Cham of PHD Comics fame is coming to Toronto to give a lecture in the Faculty of Medicine!

Wait, what’s that? It costs $10 to see Jorge Cham’s talk? The same Jorge Cham who has become grad-school famous for joking about the plight of graduate students, most of whom are pretty short on spare cash?

And his talk is in the Faculty of Medicine, a faculty known far and wide as being fairly flush with money?

You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t rush to buy a ticket.

  1. Kate    3112 days ago    #

    Yeah…I bought one. Not sure why they didn’t subsidize it (or more than they did) We’ll see if it’s worth the 10 bones.

  2. 96well    3105 days ago    #

    If it is a Show, it is cheaper. If it is a Talk, yes is controversial. (Most congresses requires a subscription fee, but I’m to lazy to calculate how much it takes for a single talk).

  3. CellPerseus    3041 days ago    #

    If they came to my city and I had to pay for it? I probably would, I’m a fan.

    But I agree with you, he talks about students with no money, always hungry, etc. And Med is always a different world. They probably cover the fee for all Med students too. (I don’t hold a grudge ok. Hehe)

  4. mnt    1720 days ago    #

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