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Get to know Jorge Cham of Piled Higher and Deeper

by Andre on 27 March 2009

Jorge Cham started writing Piled Higher and Deeper as a grad student at Stanford and kept it up through his postdoc at Caltech. Finally though, in 2005 he decided to leave academia and pursue his career as a cartoonist and speaker full time. Needless to say, Phil and I are fans of his work and it’s great to see that he’s been so successful. Science has an extensive profile of Cham this week in the News Focus section. It’s also posted on Science Careers so maybe that copy is more likely to be available without a subscription.

Checking the PHD site I was also happy to see that he recently made it to our Alma Mater in the far east: Memorial University! That’s great to see. Newfoundland is a pretty unique place so I hope he got the chance to have a look around. Even better if it makes it into a “tales from the road” comic.

  1. Samurai Scientist    3431 days ago    #

    I love those comics! They are so true. I’m happy Science did an article on him. (Am I alone in liking the News and Views part better than the rest of Science?)

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    Science has a broad profile of Cham this week in the News Focus area. It’s likewise posted on Science Careers so perhaps that duplicate will probably be accessible without a membership.

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