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MIT & Lund are open

by PhilipJ on 24 March 2009

There’s been a bunch of excitement in the open access world recently, such as MIT adopting an open access policy university-wide. As per Peter Suber: “This is big. Another of the world’s great research universities has an OA mandate. Unlike Harvard and Stanford, which now have OA mandates for some of their schools, the MIT mandate is university-wide”.

On the other side of the Atlantic (made aware to me by Bora’s tweeting), Lund University has also adopted an open access policy, and are taking my advice (which no longer seems so pie in the sky) to offset the cost for publishing in OA journals from library funds.

Instead of PLoS standard institutional membership program that give a discount to the publication fee for the authors the Head Office will pay the full publication fee for each article published by LU affiliated authors. acquisition of subscription-based information.

My only wonder how is how long it will take for a critical mass of universities to join the OA party.

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