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BSM 2009, New Frontiers in Biophysics

by Andre on 2 March 2009

I gave my talk yesterday evening in the session on Cell & Bacterial Mechanics and Motility and it went quite well. The segue about two thirds of the way through from stem cell mechanosensing to myosin filament structure may have been a bit tenuous but I think the connection was basically clear. Kudos to the organizers for putting together a session with a lot of junior scientists. That’s not typical for the biophysical society where students and postdocs most commonly get posters, but in our session it was predominantly students and postdocs.

Hagan Bayley is about to start his talk on “Building and controlling networks of droplet interface bilayers” so further updates will have to wait.

For more, you can also check out the BSM microblogging going on here.

Update: Hagan Bayley discussed some nice work on hemolysin channel engineering and in using the channels to make circuits using their droplet interface bilayer system. Using single channel patch-clamp recording they were able to measure the electrical properties of these circuits and by using clever use of differently engineered channels and different droplet arrangements they could make some interesting devices like diodes. A very elegant system.

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