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Drew Endy on group meetings

by PhilipJ on 5 February 2009

OpenWetWare tweeted an interesting link to Drew Endy’s take on how to give a good group meeting presentation (though it is clear that this is useful advice for any presentation). Here are a few of my favourite slides:

Giving a good group meeting talk should also benefit you. What are the things you can’t understand or explain, and the rest of your group might be able to help with? If you are in a large group it is often the case that people have no idea what you are doing all the time (particularly if you are spread out over multiple rooms/buildings, as my group is). This is the time to use the collective group knowledge to try and solve problems you might have. For me, item number 3 is particularly important.

This is a pretty accurate reflection of the makeup of a group meeting audience. There will be people who know exactly what you are doing, and those who you never talk to (as per above) might not understand a thing. As my group’s meetings are at 10am on Monday mornings, we also have a fair few Dozers (often me.) Endy’s advice is to peg your talk at both the Lost and the Super Nerds.

Finally, and I can’t agree with this enough:

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