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Sometimes it's just beautiful

by Andre on 16 January 2009

Despite what I said about science being important (and it is), sometimes it’s simply beautiful. Just look at the images from Boaz Pokroy et al.‘s paper in last week’s Science (scale bar is 3 microns).

self-organized pillar helix

When you put it together with some elegant scaling arguments from L. Mahadevan that seem to capture the relevant physics, it makes for a nice paper.

But we still can’t manufacture some of the most beautiful things. Philipp Keller et al. at the EMBL in Heidelberg recently published an exquisite movie of the development of a zebrafish embryo using light sheet fluorescence microscopy. Check out the background at the zebrafish digital embryo page, read the original paper [abstract only], or just let this soak in (watch the cells divide together and keep an eye out for the emerging backbone and head near the end):

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