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Cosmic Variance Donors Choose Challenge

by Andre on 2 October 2008

It’s been a while, and what better way to end my blog leave than by promoting a good cause? There’s an organization called Donors Choose that connects potential philanthropists like you directly with classrooms in need of resources. One of the nice things about it is that you get to contribute directly to a particular project that you find worthwhile. Your money will go exactly where you want it to go. Last year I donated a small amount to a project and in return I got a collection of letters from the students that benefited. It was incredibly touching to get such heartfelt letters, especially when considering that the request had been for something quite simple: an overhead projector.

Of course, this also represents a great opportunity for some friendly competition. You see, the people at ScienceBlogs have done this for a couple of years, but now Sean at Cosmic Variance has initiated his own challenge and all he wants to do is “crush the folks at ScienceBlogs.” Non-ScienceBorg science bloggers, unite!

  1. Sean Carroll    3577 days ago    #

    Thanks, Andre!

  2. Matthew Gordon    3576 days ago    #

    Are you ending Biocurious, or did I misunderstand that first sentence? If so, how come?

  3. Andre    3576 days ago    #

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry, I see that's not the clearest sentence ever. Not ending the blog, just my leave of absence. I have a couple of things I hope to post about in the next couple of weeks (as opposed to the complete lack for the last couple of months) so it’s just a new beginning!

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