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New Open Access Biophysics Journal

by Andre on 10 June 2008

PhysMath Central has announced the launch of a new open access journal called PMC Biophysics. The journal

will publish research on all aspects of biological physics, including theoretical and experimental aspects of; physical concepts with potential applications to biological systems, physical models inspired by biological systems, biological problems addressed by physics-based methods and soft condensed matter & mesoscale systems.

The journal will also be cross-listed on the BioMed Central site, so it sounds like you’ll get double the exposure for your papers.

I also like the sound of the article formats they will be publishing:

In addition to the usual article types (editorials, research articles and reviews) PMC Biophysics will also be soliciting work in the form of Letters (short communications about a previously published article in the journal), Mini-reviews (shorter reviews on an emerging field) and Problems (where readers are invited to suggest biological problems which may merit further investigation by physical methods).

If done well, papers that describe interesting outstanding problems can be especially interesting. For a physicist interested in biology there are huge vistas opening up that cry out for a quantitative and/or theoretical treatment but it can be very hard to orient oneself in the new terrain. People with an inside knowledge of a particular area can provide invaluable pointers towards particular fertile or unexplored ground.

Finally, to sweeten the deal and to celebrate the journal’s launch, there will be no article processing fee for papers submitted before July 30th.

  1. PhilipJ    3691 days ago    #

    Their blog entry looks strangely familiar… :)

    This is great news, it isn’t often I’m so happy to add another journal to the list of those which I must keep on top of.

  2. Morag    3688 days ago    #

    Hi there, thanks for mentioning our journal’s launch – we’re pretty excited about the possibilities of the formats, but it’s a case of letting people know what’s possible, and seeing what they come up with!

    We’re also the lucky beneficiaries of David Goodsell’s work – his “Macrophage and Bacterium” is acting as the face of the journal. My favourite piece is his blue “DNA being replicated in the nucleus”, but “Macrophage and Bacterium” worked best in the context.

    You might be interested in a little competition we’re running – if you or your readers can come up with a pun-tastic slogan for the journal, you could win some tshirts:

  3. Kurt L. Hanson    3688 days ago    #

    Very interesting.

    … and, “no article processing fee for papers submitted before July 30th.” ?

    Tempting, indeed.

  4. Kurt L Hanson    3686 days ago    #

    It’s not ready.

    … aerotaxis …

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