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Going to Biophysical Society Meeting?

by Andre on 1 February 2008

I think it would be interesting to organize a pub outing for one of the nights during the conference. It can be hard to meet people at these big conferences (unless it’s through people you already know) so I thought I would cast a wider net by posting here. If you’re planning on attending and want to meet, let me know by e-mail or in comments. Feel free to suggest a good place to go if you’re familiar with the area.
true happiness
Drinking not required. DNA smiley from Paul Rothemund, as usual.

  1. Maria    3822 days ago    #

    hmmm,.. while drinking may not be required, I would stress that it’s highly recommended!! No better way to network than with a pint in hand :)

  2. PhilipJ    3817 days ago    #

    Any exciting updates from the meeting?

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