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André on science and blogs

by PhilipJ on 22 January 2008

From Matt Agnello’s vimeo page:

The SPARC-ACRL Forum at ALA ’08 entitled “Working with the Facebook generation: Engaging students views on access to scholarship.” Panelists discuss the merits of student activism, patent reform, blogs as a communication medium for scientists, and students as active members of a discussion about the right to access information for scholarly work. Features Andre Brown, Nelson Pavlosky, Stephanie Wang, and Kimberly Douglas as panelists.

I’m embedding Matt’s video here, and André is the third speaker up, at around the 42 minute mark.

SPARC-ACRL Forum ’08 from Matt Agnello on Vimeo.

Hat tip: PhysMath Central.

  1. bill    3705 days ago    #

    Excellent talk, Andre, really excellent. You hit all the high points, gave compelling examples — this sort of exposure is just what Open Science needs.

    I’m definitely going to use that example of the physicists and biologists looking at competition and preprints and coming to the opposite conclusion!

  2. Andre    3704 days ago    #

    Bill, I’m glad you liked the talk! Thanks for your help leading up to it, it really came together after our conversation.

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