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Does AAP/PSP represent its member publishers?

by Andre on 7 January 2008

The latest appropriations bill, which was recently signed by the president, requires NIH funded researchers to deposit their work in an archive like PubMed Central within twelve months of the publication date. Predictably, the Association of American Publishers’ Professional and Scholarly Publishing division has taken issue with the bill and has issued a press release [pdf] stating that they will fight the now mandatory policy. But is this what the members of AAP/PSP want?

Bill Hooker has drafted a letter to send to the members of the AAP/PSP whose policies were already compatible (not compliant) with the new NIH mandate even before it was passed. It asks them if the press release issued by the AAP/PSP is consistent with their views on the mandate and, if it is not, whether they would consider issuing a statement to that effect (as some of them did following the PRISM debacle).

The letter is polite and to the point and I support it. To read the full text go here. If you also agree or have a better idea, leave a comment at Bill’s site.

  1. bill    3877 days ago    #

    Thanks, Andre. I’ve got a brief update in the works, but as things stand I’ll wait a few days to get as many co-signers as we can and then tighten up the draft and fire away.

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