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Cosmic Zoom

by PhilipJ on 28 November 2007

Apparently the inspiration for Powers of Ten, below is a YouTube version of Cosmic Zoom, directed by Canadian Eva Szasz, financed by the National Film Board of Canada.

(Hat tip: Kottke)

  1. Andre    3887 days ago    #

    That’s neat. The cell zoom is pretty disappointing for 1968 though. They really skipped a few levels that they should have had information about.

    So, if Cosmic Zoom predates Powers of Ten, what’s the first visual depiction of this idea?

  2. PhilipJ    3887 days ago    #

    It might be worth getting the book to see what the focus was, given the lack of biology in the cell. No dice here at the U of T library though.

  3. LH    3886 days ago    #

    Interesting video, thanks. The soundtrack is quite scratchy though.

    I like the part when we first enter interstellar space and see nothing for a while before neighbouring stars start flooding in. Gives me goosebumps.

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