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Joyent Shared Accelerated

by PhilipJ on 21 October 2007

We’ve moved, as of today, from an “old” TextDrive Shared FreeBSD box to a new Joyent Shared Accelerator running OpenSolaris. This should mean nothing to you, unless of course something has broken. I’m not noticing anything down so far, but if you come across something that doesn’t work, shoot me an email: philipj at biocurious dot com.

  1. PhilipJ    3924 days ago    #

    Okay, I have noticed something: the contact form no longer works. Looking into it.

  2. sam    3923 days ago    #

    ok, i think comments are screwed up a little. i can’t see them later and some don’t show up in the “recent comments” in the sidebar…

    or maybe things are just slow to update??

  3. PhilipJ    3923 days ago    #

    The recent comments sidebar may indeed take a second to update.. looks fine on my end though, and yours too with IE, so hopefully it is nothing serious.

    Another issue I’ve found is our feeds were screwed up for a while. I think they’re fixed now.

  4. sam    3923 days ago    #

    hmmmm. it started screwing up in IE, too. but i deleted my cache and everything seems better. i think it’s a problem on my end.

  5. PhilipJ    3921 days ago    #

    Contact form is back. Nothing should be amiss from the visitor’s end.

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