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Repoll: Windows in your office?

by PhilipJ on 20 October 2007

I have some exciting news.

Well, it isn’t exactly new, since I’ve been in Toronto for three months now. But it’s still exciting to me.

Last year I asked if there were windows in your office. Now I can happily change my answer to yes!

Yes, that is natural light saturating my digital camera! Now, I’m in a chemistry building, so the windows don’t open, but this is still significantly better than the concrete bunker I used to call an office.

How about you, has your situation changed?

  1. Fred Ross    3925 days ago    #

    My windows now look out on a charming suburb of Lausanne, Switzerland instead of New York Presbyterian Hospital. This is a vast improvement.

  2. PhilipJ    3924 days ago    #

    Are you at the EPFL now, or just on a nice vacation?

  3. sam    3923 days ago    #

    i’m still in the basement.

  4. Black Knight    3923 days ago    #

    I have a great view of the Sydney CBD from my window .

    And the new 8? 9? storey fishbowl that they’re erecting for admin sigh.

    Better than the cube farm I was in when I first moved here though, slumming it with the students. And better than when my view of the Hills Road roundabout, with spring flowers and blossom, was destroyed by this monstrosity .

  5. TheBrummell    3910 days ago    #

    Like you, I moved from SFU’s windowless concrete blocks to sunnier southern Onterrible. Multiple stepwise upgrades: SFU (no window) to Axelrod building at U of Guelph (window looking at the back of a contractor’s trailer) to 2nd-floor New Science Building (trees!) to 1st-floor NSB (same trees, lower down, more vehicular traffic).

    Natural sunlight is still such a nice novelty.

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