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Avoid Boring People

by PhilipJ on 18 October 2007

James Watson has written another memoir, this time entitled Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, which this Times article says “contains an inflammatory epilogue with eye-popping theories that will, undoubtedly, leave ethicists choking with disbelief”. I’m less excited about his thoughts on the intelligence of people from Africa or how to get a date, and more excited by his insight into how to be a successful scientist. That being said, the article does contain a lot on Watson’s day to day life, and I enjoyed reading all of it.

This section outlines something we all know, but don’t necessarily emphasize enough:

For Watson, the ability to socialise is a key skill, one he believes can help propel you far beyond your peers. “Gossip is a fact of life also among scientists. And if you are out of the loop of what’s new, you are working with one hand tied behind your back.”

Socialising is certainly an important aspect of any successful career in science (and out, for that matter), but it isn’t always easy to do at huge meetings like the March Meeting of the APS, where there are literally thousands of people in attendance. The smaller conferences I’ve attended (with 50-100 people) have been a great way to meet others, in my own field and out. Part of it is the (usually) more relaxed atmosphere, where it doesn’t matter if sessions run a little late, and everyone isn’t as rushed, often leading to longer time for questions after talks, which I’ve found are the best way to start talking to someone—everyone likes it when you’re interested in their science! On the opposite side, the audience is necessarily quite a bit smaller. Does anyone have any advice on how to make the most out of your conference trips, particularly the large national conferences where almost everyone (boring and interesting alike) can be found?

Update — for another take on the book itself, see this week’s Nature review by Huntington F. Willard, here (subscription required).

  1. mike barrentine    3945 days ago    #

    i want to no y people r so boring and what do boring people like to do and, how old are most boring people

  2. boring people liker    2693 days ago    #

    You haters of boring people are so unappreciative. So what if they’re boring? I’m used to boring people. Also, boredom’s a matter of perception.

    If you can’t stand boring people, then leave them alone. They can be boring if they want. After all, I appreciate them for who they are.

    Didn’t your parents teach you respect and accept others as they are? I hope so because you wouldn’t like being mistreated for who you are.

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