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MacArthur Genius Awards 2007

by PhilipJ on 26 September 2007

The so-called Genius awards have been announced for this year by the MacArthur Foundation, with a couple of biocurious notables:

Michael Elowitz is a professor of Applied Physics and Biology at Caltech, studying gene networks in cells. Even simple genetic circuits can produce interesting behaviour, and the analysis of “noise” in gene expression has also become a hot topic.

Paul Rothemund is a senior research fellow, in Erik Winfree’s lab (also at Caltech), who we’ve talked about before in relation to his work (shown at right) on DNA nanostructures!

Others awarded the grant are working on spider silk, neurorobotics, and reducing the metabolic rate, if only temporarily. Congrats to all!

  1. Doug    3981 days ago    #

    The work by Yoky Matsuoka, Department of Computer Science and Engineering in neurorobotics, would seem an ideal biophysics topic with mathematical game theory and neurophysiology as constituent components.

  2. Collin    3981 days ago    #

    Congrats to Paul. Just wanted to mention that Erik is also a MacArthur fellow (and a nice guy). I’d imagine that it’s fairly rare for a lab to have 2 MacArthur fellows.

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