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PLoS ONE is 1

by PhilipJ on 1 August 2007

Chris Surridge notes that PLoS ONE is now one year old, and lets us in on a lot of interesting numbers relating to the journal:

  • PLoS ONE now averages 60 submissions per week
  • there are 368 members on the editorial board, up from 120 at the start
  • Since December 2006, nearly 700 original articles have been published

This is quite a feat for any new journal!

If you wanted to give a gift for their birthday, Chris outlines the things they’d like:

Whenever you write about a published paper, be it in a journal or on a blog, always provide a link to the freely available version of the paper if one exists.

Whenever you read a paper in PLoS ONE, always rate it before leaving.

And most importantly….

Whenever you write a scientific paper, always, always, always publish it Open Access.

A very hearty congratulations and happy birthday from us here at Biocurious to the whole team at PLoS ONE, and the PLoS in general.

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