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Hot off the Press: Single-Molecule Chemistry and Biology Special Feature in PNAS

by PhilipJ on 1 August 2007

Lots of interesting articles this week in PNAS, which is featuring single-molecule chemistry and biology.

W. E. Moerner talks about new directions in single-molecule imaging and analysis (we should get Sam to chime in too), Sunney Xie’s group has a paper on the fluorescence of a functionally important conformation of T7 DNA polymerase, Xiaowei Zhuang and co-workers dissecting the multistep reaction pathway of an RNA enzyme, while T. Ha’s lab fueled protein–DNA interactions inside porous nanocontainers (vesicles), among others (unfortunately all requiring a subscription).

Non-single-molecule feature papers of interest include A closer look at energy transduction in muscle (open access!), Fast-scan atomic force microscopy reveals that the type III restriction enzyme EcoP15I is capable of DNA translocation and looping, and energy transfer in peptide helices, the latter two requiring a subscription as well.

Happy reading!

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