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A good reason not to be blogging

by PhilipJ on 20 July 2007

André and I are both in Newfoundland,

Me + Andre

for reasons which should be very obvious:

Walking together

Much love to my new wife Susan, and many thanks to André for coming to our special day!

  1. Alex    4019 days ago    #

    Congratulations !

  2. your advisor    4015 days ago    #

    that was days ago! get back to work!

    just kidding.

  3. Kurt L. Hanson    4014 days ago    #

    Nope. Never happen with me … not before I have at least a million dollars to do with whatever way I want. Only then can I even think of playing … like this.

    Now, PhillipJ & Susan, you two go make a million dollars for yourselves. Literally, the supreme challenge. If you someday do it, if you someday do possess that one large bundle, or more, what other challenge could be more rewarding? or honorable in life?

    Five hundred years from now capitalism may be dead. Someday … it will be. While the opportunity presents itself, take it. Go for it big time. For the gipper. What a life to recall when the eyes and ears have failed, and the rocking chair has your name on it in the nursing home, yes? No story, no memories can compare. You did it. You really did do it, big time.

    Upper-middle class is not good enough. At the very least! before the thirtieth birthday, one more step up …, up to the lower-upper class rung. Hooray!

    Hey, you’ll have fun trying, even if you didn’t.

    Have a happy!

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