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Nature PDF oddities

by PhilipJ on 15 May 2007

This is very much an aside, and is only relevant for Mac users. When you download PDFs from Nature (and only Nature proper, this doesn’t seem to happen to me with the side journals like Nature Materials), are they improperly formatted in Preview? I’m getting what looks like margin information showing up:

Very annoying.

  1. Such.Ire    4085 days ago    #

    I’m getting a similar effect, too. It doesn’t happen to last year’s PDFs, which are formatted slightly differently.

  2. sam    4085 days ago    #

    it’s just another thing you can do with macs that you can’t do with pcs. ;)

  3. PhilipJ    4085 days ago    #

    It is particularly strange to me because the preview generated in the Finder looks correct, and only when opening the PDF in Preview is it screwed up. If I open it in acrobat it’s fine. Very curious.

  4. Black Knight    4084 days ago    #

    Just had a play.

    Opening research articles in Safari or Preview gives those marks, but in print preview they disappear.

    Comments/News articles don’t seem to have them. Perhaps Preview (the engine of which is I assume how Safari opens them) is displaying the type-setting marks by design, but (again by design) not on printing? That makes sense, actually.

    And acroread is crap, so no surprises there.

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