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Comment spam!

by PhilipJ on 13 April 2007

I’m proud to announce a few new deals for Biocurious readers: free v1agr4 and a m0rtg4ge! No, wait, that’s what the comment spammers have been offering.

We’ve been hit with abnormally high comment spam the past couple of days, so there has been tweaking on our end to try and get rid of it. If there are any problems with real people publishing real comments, please contact us directly and we’ll sort it out.

Since this is a bit of a throwaway post anyway, if there are any other requests, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to voice them in the comments.

  1. Kurt L. Hanson    4145 days ago    #

    I do not have time to read or surf through so many things on the web. I’m glad I found, that’s all.

    Keep this page up!

    For future references, does accept book advertisements?

  2. Andre    4144 days ago    #

    We don’t accept any adds at all, but if we’re interested in a particular book we might write a little review. Are you writing one?

  3. Kurt L. Hanson    4131 days ago    #

    Yes, I am indeed writing a book. At the present time the manuscript is fairly well polished grammatically so as to be readable, the main points are intact to allow a reader to glean all the themes and plots I want the final version to convey, ... it’s basically put together though I believe perusing through my website is perhaps the best course for one to become familiar with what my book is all about.

    I wrote a twenty-nine page synopsis. I imagine at some point in time one will either become disinterested, or whatever, and stop reading this said synopsis, or they will read it through in its entirety and then understand (to appreciate) what it is I’m trying to do.

    So many ideas I’ve packed into this book, and because I do not focus on one particular theme as most books do, sometimes I feel this may be a weakness. Like scattershot … for instance, if I were to say I want the creationplace of Mergatroid to be the New York metropolitan area …, and that a university press is a perfect vehicle to present my book to the public with …, I will say from my own perspective, I have never read a book like the one I have written.

    I imagine this book of mine to be on the shelves the middle of 2008.

    If nothing else, thanks for listening Andre.