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Boulder School Indulges its Biocuriosity [Funding Update!]

by Andre on 7 January 2007

boulder, coThis year’s Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics will be focussing on biological physics. Judging from the participants, the emphasis will be on biological networks and things you might call systems biology, but there should also be a good mix of mechanics with Phil Nelson, Meredith Betterton, and Jané Kondev giving talks.

If you have a strong quantitative background and an interest in biology, I think this school will be a great place to learn from some leaders in the field and develop some new ideas. From the site: “The goal is to enable students to work at the frontiers of science and technology by providing expert training not easily available within the traditional system of graduate education and postdoctoral apprenticeship.” I asked a friend that attended the 2006 meeting on soft matter what is was like. Answer: “Really good.”

I believe funding is also available to help defray the cost of attending, but I don’t have any details yet (see below). The deadline for application is February 23, 2007 so don’t delay! If you want to spread the word, here is the current poster [pdf]. Chris Wiggins informs me that more speakers may be added later so check back for an update.

UPDATE: Great news! I’m told that, for the summer school

the support is noncompetitive. all students coming form US universities
get full support. other students get only local expenses support.

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