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"I'm prepared to bet a bottle of champagne..."

by PhilipJ on 21 December 2006

“I’m prepared to bet a bottle of champagne to Chris a year from now as to whether or not that public discussion has taken off, but if it does, we’ll all be pleased.”

This is the bet put forth by Nature editor Philip Cambell to PLoS‘s Chris Surridge on a BBC Radio 4 piece on peer review and open discussion (0725). This, after admitting that Nature had already begun working on software to allow discussion of published articles in their flagship journal sometime in 2007.

It seems to me that you don’t go out of your way to create this kind of functionality if you expect it to fail, no matter how pleased you’d be if it didn’t. My prediction? The UK office of the Public Library of Science will be toasting the holidays with a fancy bottle of champagne at Nature’s expense next year.

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