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Bottom 10 science books

by PhilipJ on 22 November 2006

To accompany the recent listing of the 25 top science books, John Horgan at his Discover blog lists the ten worst science books:

These books aren’t merely awful, of course, but harmful. Most have been bestsellers, or had some sort of significant impact, which often means—paradoxically—that they are rhetorical masterpieces.

Two of my least favourites that he included, and both on the top of the unordered list no less:

  • Capra, Frifjof, The Tao of Physics. Helped inspire the tedious New Age obsession with quantum mechanics.
  • Drexler, Eric, Engines of Creation. Bible of the pseudo-scientific cult of nanotechnology.

I’m particularly happy that Horgan called Drexler out, and all the reason you need is to follow a few threads in sci.nanotech. I haven’t kept track of the newsgroup recently, but a couple of years ago when I did it was filled with crazies touting molecular manufacturing was the saviour for all the world’s ills. As to why The Tao of Physics is on the list, well, one need not look any further than What the bleep?.

Click here to see the rest of the list. As always, add your own least favourites in the comments.

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