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V for Veritas

by Igor Kulic on 8 November 2006

Dear friends,

I’ve just moved to Harvard and got settled in my new office. The first impressions : I am surrounded by a bunch of inspired nerds with eyes shining (through thick nerdy glasses) and I enjoy the atmosphere of being among my kind…

It looks like its gonna be a big party time for me here in the next year. I will mostly work with Great Guru L. Maha (devan). He is a real artist among the scientists and quite exceptionally inspired guy even for this place.

I ll also be (hyper) diffusing on the campus, catching interesting people and learning from them.

The other thing I want to figure out is: what the hack is this V.E.R.I.T.A.S thing that I see adds for all over the place? It must be something like the local A.A. or A.A.A. or Y.M.C.A ….. Anyhow, I will keep you posted on that.

  1. PhilipJ    4302 days ago    #

    Hah! :)

    The thing us grad students are all dying to know, however, is: does your office have a window?

  2. CCB    4300 days ago    #

    VERITAS is an academic discussion series that tackles questions relating to faith and its relevance in the academy. It was started by a group of students at Harvard to discuss the personal journey behind the book, “Finding God at Harvard”, but there are VERITAS forums being held at universities all over the country/world at this point.

  3. Igor    4297 days ago    #

    Well there are some small openings far above my head up in the roof that could be called windows. But I am not sure if the blue/gray pattern I see there is painted or really represents the sky above us.
    I really hope the sky is fake otherwise we will have a nice green-house atmosphere in the upcomming summer. Hurray!

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