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Evidence for Supersymmetry

by Andre on 12 October 2006

Today’s physics colloquium was presented by Robert Cahn of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. The most important thing I learned:

Half of the particles required for supersymmetry have already been discovered.

  1. Sean Carroll    4299 days ago    #

    Sadly, not even that. We haven’t found a single Higgs boson yet, and supersymmetry says there should be more than one.

  2. Andre    4299 days ago    #

    Well, almost half…

    I should also say that he prefaced this with another quotation allegedly from the introduction to a Berkeley physics colloquium by Bruno Zumino that he attended (although I don’t think this was said by the speaker). It was something along the lines of “Supersymmetry has stood the test of time. There is no evidence for supersymmetry.”

  3. Uncle Al    4298 days ago    #

    If “half the particles” are the Standard Model, then that isn’t any support at all for Supersymmetry. The most obvious, sensitive, and unambiguous experiment – axion detection – continues to shoot craps.

    In the spirit of Michelson-Morley and invariant c, Stern-Gerlach and quantized spin, Yang-Lee and parity nonconservation… the “wrong” answer could obtain without violating prior observation. Theory would adjust, interesting and useful contingencies would appear.

    Two days, $100 in consummables, sensitive to 3×10^(-18) relative, already supported by extant theory. Let’s reproducibly empirically falsify isotropic vacuum, Lorentz invariance, conservation of angular momentum, the Equivalence Principle; general relativity, quantum field theory, The Standard Model, and string theory. It’s an undergrad scut lab exercise,

  4. Uncle Enzo    4297 days ago    #

    Forza LHC! Hopefully, LHC will be good fun! Forza Italia! Italia are World Cup champions! Forza!

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