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The problem is the ISS

by PhilipJ on 13 May 2006

Over on this week’s What’s New, hilarious fictional dialogue between NASA Administrator Michael Griffith (MG) and Bob Park (RP) on NASA being forced to shift money from science to human space flight projects:

MG: The problem is the ISS.
RP: What problem?
MG: We have to finish it by 2010.
RP: Why is that a problem?
MG: Because the shuttle doesn’t work.
RP: If we fix the shuttle and finish the ISS, what do we do next?
MG: We drop the ISS in the ocean.
RP: Why don’t we do that now?
MG: Because we must honor our commitment to our ISS partners first.
RP: But what about your commitment to space science?
MG: That will have to wait until we get back from Mars.
RP: We’re going to Mars?
MG: When we get back from the moon.
RP: We’re going to the moon?
MG: Just as soon as we build a new spacecraft.
RP: What’s holding that up?
MG: The problem is the ISS.

So what was the point of the ISS again?

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