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Warm off the Press: How will computing change science?

by Andre on 4 April 2006

A few weeks ago Nature published a few articles from participants in a Microsoft Research conference on the future of computing. There are some interesting ideas that are definitely worth checking out and, for once, I don’t have to warn you about a subscription being required when linking to Nature because Microsoft has sponsored free online access to all for these articles.

  1. Uncle Al    4490 days ago    #

    History is emphatic on three points:

    1) Mankind is wholly incapable of predicting its future. Science fiction (sf and sci-fi) exists to expose and prevent defective futures; big government exists to legislate them into existence.

    2) Working futures are discovered by insubordinate bastards – a small group of criminal bourgeoisie called “the Founding Fathers” or a patent clerk in Berne, Switzerland embezzling employer resources.

    3) Any future created by centralized managerial oversight will be a Grand Guignol of waste and death. The USSR comes to mind, as do FEMA and Homeland Severity.

    How much and how far you trust a corporation whose defective products frustrate and cripple hundreds of millions of users each day?

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