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DNA nebulae

by PhilipJ on 29 March 2006

Via Seed, astronomers have discovered a nebula at the centre of our galaxy that looks like DNA!

The proposed explanation?

The cosmic double helix is probably made up of clouds of ionized dust hovering around a pair of magnetic field lines, Morris [lead author of the paper, subscription required] said, and a wave traveling up the field lines from the center of the galaxy created the twisting double helix shape.

Morris hypothesizes that the wave traveling up the magnetic field lines and creating the double helix nebula is a disk of gas at its base, made to spin by the gravity of the black hole at the center of our galaxy. The double strands of the nebula are created by the dumbbell-like structure of the spinning disk, which concentrates the magnetic field lines in two areas, he said—otherwise, the nebula would be cylindrical.

  1. ali gholian    4494 days ago    #

    hello my dear.
    I translate your news and republish in farsi .
    it was very intrest!

  2. marek    4492 days ago    #

    to me that looks like an erupting volcano (artificially colored at least partialy) :)

  3. Doug    4491 days ago    #

    Has anyone ever noticed that the helix, even the double helix, reappears at so many different physical gauges? Consider this speculation about possible gauge relationships for this complex harmonic oscillator:

    1 – Charles Steinmetz with phasor equations based upon Grassman / Clifford algebras in AC electro-magnetism in the 1890s. [complex-sinusoidal in 2D, complex-helical in 3D]

    2 РErwin Schr̦dinger with wave mechanics in 1926 in quantum mechanics. [complex-sinusoidal in 2D, complex-helical in 3D]

    3 – Crick, Watson, Wilkins and Franklin in nucleic acids in 1953. [uncertain, but probably actually complex-double-helix in 3D]

    4 – The nearly circular- elliptical orbit of Earth when the sun is stationary becomes a helix when the sun is in motion – and a double helix when the Earth-Moon system is considered in solar gauge.

    5 – The DNA nebulae of this blog “ionized dust hovering around a pair of magnetic field linesâ€? at galactic gauge.

    6 – The so-called “Space Tornado! Cosmic Front Packs a Punchâ€? from of object Herbig-Haro 49/50 or HH 49/50 is also probably a helix in “ionized dust hovering around—- magnetic field lines”.

    Scientific American has two articles with the helix having a role:
    a – April 2006 “The Mysterious Origins of Solar Flaresâ€? by Gordon D. Holman [solar gauge],
    b – April 2005 “Probing the Geodynamoâ€? by Gary A Glatzmaier and Peter Olson [planetary gauge].

    The article “Surface Story: Inspired by spiral soap films, mathematicians zero in on a novel, economical, and infinite helixâ€? in addresses the mathematical proof of embedded helicoids [minimal surface – space dividing curves], some with handles.

    Since the helix is prominent in music theory [harmonics]; at cellular gauge is the only known structure capable of both adaptation and reproduction and since the Schrödinger equation is used to demonstrate tunneling, one begins to suspect that the helix may be the functional and structural form of energy. If then considered as a string, especially a complex string, then the Moonshine Monster Group [complex-24D, string-D, time-D] proved by Richard Borcherds may be related to the twistor string theory of Edward Witten.

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