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What's New soundbites

by PhilipJ on 18 March 2006

From this week’s What’s New:

On the most recent templeton prize winner:

The “anthropic principle” states that the laws of nature were fine-tuned by the Great Designer to allow the existence of beings so intelligent that they could discover the anthropic principle. This is so incredibly deep that something happens to scientists who dwell on it too long.

On Black Light Power and their “hydrino” technology:

BLP, which has never produced anything, is rumored to be preparing an IPO.

On stopping perpetual motion machine scammers:

In 2002 the state of Washington, with the help of an obscure professor of physics, barred Lee’s company, Better World Technologies, from doing business. Six months later, with the help of the same physics professor, it was Maine. It was slow, but at that rate he’d be out of business by my 100th birthday.

Keep up the good work Bob, and Happy St. Patrick’s day!

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