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Hot off the Press: More on DNA nanostructures

by Andre on 17 March 2006

I’ve talked about DNA nanostructures twice recently and this will be the third time. What can I say? They’re just awesome. This time, it’s about Nature‘s latest cover article. In the comments of the post on Ned Seeman’s work Bill Tozier wrote that we should check out Thom Labean’s work on this subject and it’s true that he’s also doing some very interesting things but when I went to his webpage I thought it was a little strange that he was in a computer science department doing this kind of work (DNA computing notwithstanding). Well, this latest report comes from Paul Rothemund (the paper’s single author) who is working in Erik Winfree’s lab at CalTech – also in the computer science department. Shows what I know!

You can see the result in the figure.

The face aggregate is a little disturbing. Luckily, the authors had the courtesy to publish a previous paper describing the method in detail in PLoS Biology, so you can learn about it in detail yourself here at no extra cost.

I should also admit that I learned about this at 3quarksdaily before seeing it at Nature myself!

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