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Support the Public Library of Science

by Andre on 28 February 2006

We’ve written about the Public Library of Science before but it’s not something I support only in writing, I also donated some of my hard earned money to support the cause. They sent me some PLoS stickers and a cool t-shirt in exchange. Living in an era of one-click shopping makes donation especially easy. Think about it.

From the PLoS website:

PLoS was founded as a grassroots organization and we are committed to remaining one, with the active participation of practicing scientists at every level. Every publishing decision will have at its heart the needs of the constituencies that we serve (scientists, physicians, educators, and the public).

Our mission of building a public library of science includes not only providing unrestricted access to scientific research ideas and discoveries, but developing tools and materials to engage the interest and imagination of the public and helping non-scientists to understand and enjoy scientific discoveries and the scientific process.

  1. PhilipJ    4525 days ago    #

    Done and done. Now if only open access publishing would start catching on in the physical sciences.

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