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Another Perspective on Effective Research

by Andre on 26 January 2006

A few weeks ago I commented on an article by Richard Hamming on how to do high impact research. I recently came across another perspective, this time from physics blogger Michael Nielsen. Overall I think most of what he describes is consistent with Hamming’s opinions but he does a better job of going beyond general principles and gets into more details on implementation. He also takes a more forgiving stance on the relationship between research and the rest of your life that I appreciate. As with the Hamming talk, it’s long but worth reading.

On an unrelated note, Sean at Cosmic Variance has finally come out of the closet: he’s officially biocurious.

  1. Sean    4525 days ago    #
    Is there some sort of Bio-pride parade that I can march in, or something?
  2. Andre    4525 days ago    #

    Indeed there is. And this year it’s in Salt Lake City of all places.

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