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by PhilipJ on 25 January 2006

I’m extremely excited to let everyone know that I’ve been accepted to attend the International Workshop on Single Molecule Analysis this coming April in Okinawa, Japan! The goal of the conference is

to provide opportunities for young researchers with backgrounds of not only biological sciences but also material sciences and engineering to learn the frontier of single molecule science carried out by the most advanced techniques of optical, scanning probe, and electron microscopy,

which sounds like an excellent intro to all the other techniques (besides optical tweezers) you can use to study single molecules. The combination of these techniques (like simultaneous trapping and fluorescence detection, PDF) is going to be big, so getting a good understanding in the current strengths and weaknesses of each technique will be awesome. And its a free trip to Japan!

And while it isn’t for a few months yet, as the title implies (a direct quote from André after finding out I was accepted), I’ll also keep everyone up to date with some conference blogging! If any of our readers were also accepted, let us know in the comments.

  1. mitokondrion    4473 days ago    #
    congrats philip! Conferences are always fun, esp when they are overseas :) Are you presenting a poster or something? Guess there’ll be some reps from our singapore universities and nanotech institute as well.
    Interact, learn and enjoy, and yup, definitely conference-blog! :)
  2. PhilipJ    4473 days ago    #
    Thanks mitokondrion! Yep, everyone attending (not counting the lecturers) is bringing along a poster, so now I’ve got to try and get some results before I go! :)
  3. luke Quinton    4473 days ago    #
    Felicitations Phil !!! ahhh, Japan … it is wild and beautiful.
  4. MT    4473 days ago    #
    Long way to go and a lot of trouble for a single molecule. I envy your chance to see Japan though.
  5. PhilipJ    4472 days ago    #
    MT – I’m at least in Vancouver already, so its as short as it could be given my North America circumstances!

    Amusing aside, a non-scientist friend of mine said “a conference about a single molecule?” to which I cheekily replied, “yeah, we’re going to have to share.”
  6. MT    4470 days ago    #

    Our non-scientist friends find it very romantic that my spouse and I first met because we were working on the same molecule.

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