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A late night thought.

by Andre on 12 January 2006

Would real x-ray goggles be good for anything other than giving people cancer?

  1. PhilipJ    4517 days ago    #
    What, that’s not good enough for you?! :)
  2. Bates    4517 days ago    #
    How about x-ray google goggles? They can give you cancer and then search for a cure online.
  3. MT    4515 days ago    #
    Cancer in the people you look at you mean? CCD goggles (like for IR) and a lead suit would leave the user perfectly safe.
  4. Andre    4515 days ago    #
    Yeah, that’s what I meant. When I first had the thought I was guessing that the backscattered intensity would be too small for imaging and so x-ray goggles would be totally useless as goggles. But not surprisingly I’m wrong and people do generate impressive images by detecting backscattered x-rays. They’re even talking about using this technology in airports so that security personal can make freaky pornography after-hours.

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