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David Goodsell's Paintings

by PhilipJ on 4 December 2005

The holidays are fast approaching, and we here at BioCurious are big fans of David Goodsell’s beautiful watercolours (for example, his Escherichia coli graces our header). I can honestly say that I experienced that numinous feeling when seeing the world of the cell through David’s paintings for the first time, bringing molecular biology to life in ways electron miscroscopy never can, or will.

If you love the images as much as I do and want to support David’s hobby, let me draw to your attention the gallery of watercolours he has for sale. I can’t think of a more perfect gift to a science geek than one of these pieces of art. With that said, if any of you are feeling particularly generous, I’m rather fond of Self Assembly, or Caspases and the Nuclear Lamina, both of which are reproduced here! ;)

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