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Website News: Updating Textpattern [update x4]

by PhilipJ on 30 October 2005

Hi All,

While it should be transparent to you, the reader, I’m going to update our version of Textpattern this evening. It will start at 22:30 Pacific time (aka now), and should only take a few minutes.

Update [23:15]: Somehow managed to lose all images in the process. Trying to get them back…

Update [18:00]: Still waiting for TextDrive to get back to me about our backup, sorry for the hassle…

Update [12:30]: Still no word from TxD, so I’ve replaced the important main page images by hand. The images included in old stories are still missing however, but they aren’t so big a deal.

A lesson in making sure you have things backed up properly is learned!

Update [07:30]: TxD has restored the images directory! Older stories should now display properly.

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