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SciAm Observations

by PhilipJ on 29 October 2005

I used to read SciAm Perspectives—the blog by John Rennie, one of the editors at Scientific American—regularly, and when posts myseriously stopped, I assumed it was a regular lapse in blogging. The last post, however, was in July, and so I emailed John to find out what was up. I was quite happy to get this reply:

... the SciAm Perspectives blog was an experiment, a precursor for a more expansive blog for all the editors, SciAm Observations, at the site. I’m happy to say that has just debuted, and you’ll find it at I’ll continue to write the kind of things I always have, but I’ll be joined by the other editors with their own interesting points of view. You should enjoy this new one all the more.

Click on the link to head over to the new SciAm Observations!

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