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Microreview: Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

by Andre on 18 October 2005

The next installment in my series (if two posts counts as a series) of short reviews about topics related to my research is about fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Since it has some equations, I’ll direct you to a pdf copy here. Sunney Xie (whose talk I recommended in the last post) has done some interesting things recently with single molecule FCS to study enzyme kinetics and one of the things I like about those studies is that since the enzymes are tethered to a surface they don’t diffuse on the timescale of the experiment and the analysis becomes much simpler than the more general case I outline in the microreview. It’s nice to see a cutting edge technique that is actually easier to understand than its predecessors.

The other thing I want to mention about the article is the last section. It outlines the proposal of Qian and Elson for a combined fluorescence/mechanics experiment they call strain dependent FCS. If all goes well with the combined atomic force/fluorescence microscope I’m working on I might even be able to try the first strain dependent FCS experiment within a year from now.

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