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Site News: TextDrive is moving! [updated]

by PhilipJ on 26 August 2005

textdriveIn case anything untowards happens, our host is moving to a new colocation facility, and while we’ve been told that there should be no disruption of service, just in case, here is the heads up!

If BioCurious does go down and you’re frothing at the mouth to find out why, please visit the temporary TextDrive moving blog to see if there is something amiss. If you’d like to see the brand new server we’ll be running on (or the whole fleet of TextDrive servers getting set up), there is also the TextDrive flickr photostream! We reside on davie—and to our Vancouver-area visitors, yes, the servers are all named after streets in downtown Vancouver!

The move is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, so hopefully by next week we should be in the clear.

Update [2005-08-28 10PM PST]: And it looks like the move was a success!

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