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Tozier is Way out of the Mainstream [update]

by Andre on 22 August 2005

Bill Tozier (of not National [thanks Bill!], but Notional Slurry) has an excellent post on deciding to actively care for aging parents. The western middle-class seems to be increasingly unwilling to personally care for its parents, so people choosing to take on this “hard job, with few rewards” are further burdened with misunderstanding employers and friends and often inappropriate medical care.

  1. Bill Tozier    4715 days ago    #


    Yours is a common reading, though….

    Actually, as a bit of a clarification, I’d say more or less everybody is burdened by inappropriate medical care. I know at least three people who’ve nearly died from misdiagnoses in the last year, and one who did (I suspect, from what she told me) die in part because her physicians ignored her intuition and experience.

    She was a nurse.

    As I said, things far larger than we can do anything about.

  2. andre    4714 days ago    #

    Ahhh, Notional. A much better title. And I thought all this time that I just wasn’t getting it. I would have been even more embarrassed if I hadn’t caught the typo that followed the misreading… t and r are pretty close together on most keyboards.

    Thanks for the post and your comments.

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