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Good news, bad news, and god news what else.

by Andre on 19 August 2005

First the good news. George Coyne, the head of the Vatican observatory, explains that Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn’s recent article in favour of what I will now call Schoenborn intelligent design, or SchID, darkens the already “murky waters of the rapport between the Church and science.”

Now the bad news (you need a subscription to read the bad news. See how I try to make you a little bit happier?):

The Kansas State Board of Education has decided by six votes to four to include stronger criticism of evolution in its high-school biology curriculum. Science advocates fear that the move paves the way for ‘intelligent design’ — the idea that an intelligent creator shaped living things — to reach the classroom.

And finally, for your reading pleasure, the god news what else category.

  1. stella    4686 days ago    #
    For me, the article( God news) is rediculous. Religion and Science are parallel, one for spirit’s sake, and one for intelligence’s sake. You can’t deny there is truth in the bible, and you can’t deny either that some people are just trying to distort bible to make it rediculous, like Intelligent Falling. As long as you feel you are becoming a better person, as long as you feel you are loved by God, and you have a lot of love to give, as long as you feel you are full of happiness, it really doesn’t matter whatever people are making out of the bible. Some Christians struggle a lot to study bible, some can just enjoy bing a Christian.
    Anyway, it’s a good thing that you are interested in questioning the reliability of bible.:)
  2. stella    4686 days ago    #
    Shorter version:
    I agree with you, but I am still a happy Christian. Bible is about our spiritual lives, not anything else. Done.
  3. andre    4686 days ago    #
    I should point out that the last article is satirical.

    I wish religion was just about people’s spiritual lives, but in too many cases it spills over into political issues and that can result in things like feeding children SchID in schools. In these cases I think it can do a lot of harm. But I agree with Cosma Shalizi* this isn’t just bad science, it’s bad religion too and so I wouldn’t use these examples to suggest there is anything wrong with religion in and of itself.

  4. stella    4684 days ago    #
    Thanks for the discussion.:)
    Now let’s relax a little bit and forget about religion. I have a problem, and do you wanna challenge yourself? :)

    There are 5 clever prisoners, and they are labeled as #1,#2..#5. They have to decide who should die by grabbing beans from a bag. There are 100 beans in the bag, and they have to get a number of beans one by one. No communication. The two who get the most and least beans should die. Who do you think is most possible to survive?
    Hint: They are very very smart.
    They don’t wanna die.
    If two have the same amount and both are the most or the least, all three should die.
    _ Happy weekend!
  5. LuboÅ¡ Motl    4684 days ago    #
    If you’re really BIO-curious, you can’t forget to read – and mention on your blog – this interview about some math behind cancer.

    Open (or click the link under my name below) and you will understand why this is a must-read. ;-)

    All the best

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