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Paris is a (controlled) Blast!

by Andre on 20 July 2005

I arrived in Paris last weekend to attend the BioImage 2005 summer school and my trip got off to a great start. After clearing customs, I was waiting just outside the terminal for a bus that would take me to the metro station and ultimately into Paris proper. I waited for a longer time than I thought was reasonable for an airport shuttle and then finally went to ask an employee about the delay and whether I could just go and get a cab instead, but the answer was that all the roads out of the airport had been closed by the police and that I should just be patient (similar to the way a caged animal should just be patient). About fifteen minutes after that there was a loud bang that I assume was from a controlled explosion. Considering that this was shortly after the London bombings and that most of the people waiting were on their way to take the metro I thought everyone stayed very calm which is nice since no one likes getting trampled in a stampede.

Anyway, after my initial introduction, Paris has really turned out to be great as has the meeting. I will post some brief comments about my favourite talks in the next couple of days so stay tuned!

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