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<em>Science</em>: 125 Questions

by PhilipJ on 2 July 2005

In what is clear evidence that Science editors read this blog to get ideas for their own magazine (I wish!), the journal propose 125 questions (free access) that show just how much we don’t know about the universe we live in. Not surprisingly, there are lots of questions inspired by biology on the list. Some of my favourites are:

What is the Biological Basis of Consciousness?

Why Do Humans Have So Few Genes?

How Does a Single Somatic Cell Become a Whole Plant?

How Will Big Pictures Emerge from a Sea of Biological Data? (enter Systems Biology)

Why doesn’t a pregnant woman reject her fetus?

How do organs and whole organisms know when to stop growing?

Having just read through them all, I’m starting to wonder what exactly we do know!

  1. c chad warford    4731 days ago    #
    well, we know why birds fly at the altitude they choose!


    oh, wait….
  2. PhilipJ    4730 days ago    #
    Hah! I guess that isn’t as important as most of the other questions on Science’s list were, but I still think its interesting!
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